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Woody’s Weekly Scoop: October 10

Each week there are countless sporting videos, photos, GIFs, memes, highlights and lowlights that make you laugh and cry; it can be difficult to catch them all. My job is to bring you some of the more entertaining, past and present, sporting moments that I’ve stumbled across in the last week. Enjoy.

NRL Presentation – Kid Nails Himself

I don’t think I need to say much. Watch down the bottom left of the video clip, the poor kid come crashing down. He tucks the ball under his arm, puffs his chest out, and wham!

Carissa Moore Wins 2013 Women’s World Championship

A massive shout out must go to the 21-year old Hawaiian for claiming the 2013 ASP Women’s World Championship during the final tour event. Moore, now a two-time ASP champ, was crowded after the only remaining title candidate, Australia’s Tyler Wright (19), was eliminated by fellow countrywomen Sally Fitzgibbons (22) in the Quarterfinals at Portugal. Out of 8 events, Carissa’s worst result was a 5th at stop number 4 in New Zealand, three 3rds and four 1sts; without a doubt the most consistent performer all year. With two championships, and two-thirds in her four years on tour, the 21-year old definitely has a bright future. Congratulations Carissa. {1. Carissa Moore (HAW), 2. Tyler Wright (AUS), 3. Sally Fitzgibbons (AUS), 4. Courtney Conlogue (USA), 5. Stephanie Gilmore (AUS)}.

Tomas Herlt, Epic Goal Between The Legs

Watching my New York Rangers get demolished 9-2 by the San Jose Sharks yesterday wasn’t at all enjoyable, but witnessing Tomas score 4 goals (plus produce this spectacular effort below), helped lower my anger levels. Herlt’s between the legs goal made him the youngest player to net 4 goals in a game since March 20, 1988. Tomas is just 19-years old. What’s with all these teenagers breaking records and winning surfing titles?!

Hyundai A-League 2013/2014 Season Preview

Last years A-League season was certainly the most entertaining and successful one to date. The level of skill and talent has vastly improved across the league meaning the percentage of unenjoyably games has severely decreased. All the current headlines are surround the marquee players, new recruits, and the impact coaches will have on their teams. Like it or not (I don’t know why you wouldn’t), Australia’s football competition has been making leaps and bounds over the last two season; expect that to continue. In these two years, the A-League’s TV ratings have spiked up 100%, digital traffic has tripled, and there has been a 40% rise in attendance. With Rugby League complete (well the World Cup is coming up but we all know how boring that can be), and Rugby Union nearly done (and that hasn’t been fun for any of us), why not pick a team and support the A-League? What’s the worst that could happen? You end up enjoying the World’s most popular sport? Subsequently, having an Australian sport to watch 12 months of the year? Oh no, what a shame.

Peyton Manning – Rushing TD

From the young to the experienced. As we all know, well if you don’t you must have your head in the sand, there isn’t much that Peyton Manning can’t do right now. During the high-scoring (51-48) victory against the Cowboys in Week 5 of the NFL, Manning notched up his first rushing touchdown in five years. The greatest part of the move was that, apparently, he didn’t tell anyone on his team that he was running the naked bootleg. The 37-year old is without a doubt the front-runner for the MVP award this season.



Angel Di Maria – Epic Cross

Normally if Cristiano Ronaldo features in a video, he’s producing something special. Even though it was a nice finish, all the credit goes to Di Maria and his amazing behind the leg cross.


(I know, absolutely ludicrous, right?)

Benches Clear In The Ninth

Victor Martinez fouls off Oakland’s pitcher Grant Balfour, the two exchange words and the benches clear. The A’s won that game 6-3, however the Tigers hit back yesterday to tie the series at 2 all. The fifth and deciding game kicks off tomorrow at 11:07am (Friday Oct 11, AEDT). I’ve found, fans that don’t appreciate cricket, usually find it difficult to gel with baseball, but there are distinct variations. In cricket, it’s more patient, for a player to have a great game there needs to be an epic bowling spell, or a significant stint at the crease. In baseball, to an extent, a level of patients is required. But a from strike out to a grand slam; one pitch to one swing of the bat; one play can radically alter the dynamics of the game in just an instant. The postseason is underway, if you get a second I highly recommend tuning in.

Derrick Rose Return!

THE NBA IS BACK!! Well preseason. Even though my beloved Lakers are tipped to be awful, because it’s the beginning of the season I still have complete faith and belief in them surprising everyone and being epic (KOBE BABY!). Last season everyone (including myself, but I do every year), had the Lakers coming out of the West and playing in the Finals, but we all know how that panned out. My point, anything can happen! If you are a Chicago Bulls fan, you won’t need faith or belief, because you have Derrick Rose. The 25-year old sat out all of the 2012/2013 campaign after rupturing his ACL in the 2011/2012 playoffs. A range of other NBA athletes, around the same time, suffered the same injury as Rose, yet they managed to return in a much faster fashion. Throughout the 2012/2013 playoffs, instead of all the hype being about how the injury stricken Bulls were somehow matching it with the reigning champion Miami Heat, the publicity was aimed at whether or not Rose would ultimately make his return. Well he didn’t. Rose underwent a rigorous rehab program, which included adding 10 pounds (4.53kg) of muscle on and increasing his vertical jump by 5 inches. 5 INCHES! Already being one of the most athletic players in the NBA, the kid didn’t need any more explosiveness, but I’m sure stoked about it. Stronger, faster, can jump higher, and has the burning desire to play after sitting on the bench for a full NBA season; awesome news for viewers. After being named MVP for the 2010/2011 campaign (the youngest player ever), the hype again surrounds Rose and his return.

Tony Romo – Love To Hate

Tony Romo, the Dallas Cowboys quarterback, has made a career out of not producing the good is pressure situations. Again, Romo solidified those claims last weekend. As his team hosted the sizzling Denver Broncos, the score was locked at 48 all with two minutes remaining. Dallas had possession and Romo threw an intercept to Danny Trevathan, which set the Broncos up for a go-ahead field goal. It was a horrible play all round, the risk heavily outweighed the reward. Before Tony did what Tony does, he was unreal, throwing a team-record 506-yards and completing 25/36 passes, with 5 touchdowns. While producing these incredible statistics, Romo made one of the plays of his life when he found Jason Witten on the 3rd down. Dallas scored a few plays later.



Nash Teams Up With Kaman

When these two link up, it’s pure magic. How are the Lakers NOT going to dominate?!?

At least I don’t support this guy.


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