Saturday 17 March 2018 / 05:20 PM

US Presidential candidate falcons kid with football

How does that old saying go, don’t work with kids or animals?

US Repbulican Presidential candidate Marco Rubio discovered that for himself in hilarious fashion at a state fair in Iowa yesterday when he decided to toss the pigskin around with some youngsters.

Miami product Rubio’s perfect spiral – which would have done Dolphins legend Dan Marino proud – was brought undone by his 4-foot high receiver, who overran the pass and took it on the scone before hitting the deck.

A perfect falcon.

And because once is never enough when it comes to seeing a kid getting hit in the head with a football, here it is in GIF form.

Fortunately for Rubio, the young fella was OK – and they do say any publicity is good publicity. 

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