Monday 19 March 2018 / 06:18 AM

Stretcher-bearers drop, headbutt injured Greek player

The world’s elite footballers are treated with the utmost care when injured – regardless of whether said players are overacting – but that same caution clearly doesn’t extend to the Greek second division.

Ergotelis midfielder Leonardo Koutris called for the stretcher after receiving a leg injury against AE Larissa, but he may have opted to crawl off the pitch himself if he had known the sloppy treatment that was coming his way.

The hasty stretcher-bearers piled Koutris on to the stretcher with minimal delicacy, before one inevitably tripped…not once, but twice – head-butting the player in the stomach after the stumble.

The hapless Koutris appealed for the comedy of errors to stop, but he faced one further ignominy: being unceremoniously dumped over the sideline by the second-rate medics.

Adding further disappointment to his insult and injury, Koutris’ Ergotelis side went down 2-1.

Far from being an isolated incident in football’s narrative, the Three Stooges-esque shambles only contributed to a rich history of incompetent stretcher-work.

[YouTube – GOLD coast TIME]

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