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BSE holds accreditation on the Gold Coast

Leading Australian law firm Burgess Sports and Entertainment Law (BSE) returns to the Gold Coast for another instalment of its elite athlete and entertainment talent management course at Bond University.

The BSE Agent Accreditation Scheme (BSE AAS) was developed over a four-year period after thousands of hours of consultation with athletes, leading talent management agencies, professional sporting codes and players associations. Following its launch in March this year, industry demand will see them roll out the program’s second workshop.

A passion for sports drove BSE AAS founder, Matt Burgess, to develop the program as he sought to provide both talent and agents with the tools to maximise their potential, both on and off the field and stage.

“This course was developed first and foremost to provide the agents and talent themselves the tools to benefit from their unique abilities,” said Mr Burgess.

“Critically, this program is the first time within Australia that an attempt has been made to develop relevant coursework for the industry, while aiming to also apply the highest possible ethical standards to the field.

“The purpose of this is to provide the talent and agents the tools to best manage all aspects of their careers, with the aim of ensuring that they maximise their potential, while also having the ability to manage their off-field lives.”

The BSE AAS program is a two-day intensive course that seeks to provide agents and talent with an accredited coursework across a number of relevant fields, critical to their on-field and off-field success. This is then followed-up by online exams, ongoing support and training, and access to specialised resources following accreditation.

Financial planning, tax advice, sponsorship, brand management and public relations are all covered, as is contract law, post-career development, anti-doping regulation and advice on the business of sport.

Course participants from the inaugural March workshop ranged from current students looking to compliment current studies, parents of elite athletes and talent looking for the tools to further their child’s ambitions, to those with a keen interest in a fulltime career in agency.

The BSEAAS program has been delighted with the success of the graduates that completed the course in March. One BSEAAS graduate has shown how the program and its resources can be used to progress their career in the industry. The agent has boasted an influx of athletes ranging from Ironmen, Commonwealth Games gold medallists, professional surfers, CrossFit athletes and a world champion Kite/Stand-up paddle boarder.

The agent has attributed this early success to the program’s comprehensive overview of agency and the individual modules that the course has to offer. Additionally, the agent accredited the online portal as a vital resource, enabling transparency across a number of professional services in the sport and entertainment industry. Without this system in place and the ongoing support it provides, the agent believes he would be at a severe disadvantage compared to already established agents.

BSE Law is conducting another Agent Accreditation Scheme at Bond University on the Gold Coast. The Two-day course starts on the 31st of October. For all enquiries:

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