Saturday 24 February 2018 / 08:50 PM

Brat doesn’t like his table tennis referee

Come on, we’ve all been there – table tennis gets intense, even if it’s just a casual game with a mate. But usually the extent of the damage is a smashed paddle, a bruised ego and a king-sized spray…followed by a contrite apology.

It’s a bit more serious at the Kalashnikov Tournament in Russia, though, where a youngster in the Cadet’s Singles final has taken his frustrations out on the referee – for no apparent reason.


Beaten cold on match point, this lad duly shakes the victor’s hand before shoving the referee out of his chair with Putin-like aggression.


The bemused ref – who is much bigger – advanced on his assailant, who beat a quick path away from the table. Back in 1991, South Sydney Rabbitohs forward Wayne Chisholm copped a 10-week ban for taking out referee Geoff Weekes during a match…I wonder what punishment the Russian Junior Table Tennis judiciary will dish out?



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