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Will Mourinho take over at Old Trafford?

Amidst the news of Leicester’s phenomenal win at the Etihad, the BIG story of the week has been somewhat hidden – but the reports that Jose Mourinho has been in talks with Manchester United are no less dramatic.

As we all know, things for Mourinho really didn’t work out this season, and the Portuguese manager has been out of work for a few weeks now.

And now it seems that he could finally be on the way to the club that many have suspected that he has craved for quite some time – Manchester United.

With United enduring yet another difficult, transitional season under Louis van Gaal, there have been all sorts of whispers about the Dutchman leaving in the summer, and with these concrete reports of conversations between Mourinho and the top brass at Old Trafford, it seems that United may be lining up a ready-made replacement.

The question is: would that be a good appointment for United?

The fact of the matter is that van Gaal’s side have not been good enough this season, and it now appears that the manager’s appetite for managing United is disappearing.

It seems almost certain that he’ll be gone in the summer.

So regardless of whether it is Mourinho that takes over or not, it would appear likely that United will need a new boss come May.

Mourinho divides opinion, with many thinking he’s the best thing since sliced bread, and others thinking that he’s a divisive influence who causes trouble wherever he goes.

In reality, it’s a bit of both. There can be no denying that Mourinho has achieved exceptional success wherever he has been. Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milan and Real Madrid – he has won titles at all of those clubs.

But it’s also impossible to deny that he’s run into trouble at all of those clubs, too.

When it comes to the question of whether Mourinho should take over at United, it very much depends on what United want.

If they want trophies, then of the managers available, Mourinho is one of the few who can get them there.

But if they want to avoid controversy, then Mourinho isn’t really an option.

It’s a Catch-22.

Decide against Mourinho, and the chances are that United will have to make do with an inferior manager.

Decide to hire him, and United will have to face the fact that the club will spend some time in the headlines for the wrong reasons.

There really is no easy win here.

For what it’s worth, my view is that United NEED to win something soon. It’s now been a while since they were even close to winning any competition, and they really need to be mentioned in the same conversations as (at the very least) the best teams in England if they are to continue to enjoy the same brand recognition and respect all over the world.

So if it was me, I’d be signing Mourinho up tomorrow. He might ruffle a few feathers and cause a few problems, but the reality is that he guarantees you trophies, too. And United need that.

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