Monday 19 March 2018 / 02:25 AM

Mario Balotelli is racially abused on Twitter

Following Manchester United’s woeful 5-3 loss to Leicester City over the weekend, Mario Balotelli took to Twitter for some harmless chit-chat.

Naturally it didn’t please to many United fans, but who cares? It’s a bit of healthy banter that is apart of every sport.

One account on Twitter took it very personally and fired back with some malicious and disgusting racism.

This is a pathetic and cowardly act.

Unfortunately this isn’t the first time Mario has been racially abused. He was a victim during a World-Cup training camp in May, several times throughout his time at Internazionale, and while at Milan.

The Twitter account was a fake and has since been deleted.

The Merseyside Police were notified by the football equality organisation – who tackle racism and discrimination – called Kick It Out.

Lets hope they catch those responsible and punish them appropriately.

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