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Is Pochettino really talking to Chelsea?

So apparently, Chelsea are talking to Mauricio Pochettino.

It’s not a massive surprise. After all, the Spurs boss has caught the footballing world’s attention ever since he arrived at Southampton.

The job he did with Saints was impressive, but that’s nothing compared to his achievements at White Hart Lane.

Whilst spending virtually nothing on players, Pochettino has transformed the perennial ‘fifth-placers’ into genuine title contenders, and when one considers this fact, it’s not a huge shock that he’s being mentioned for the big jobs.

A couple of weeks ago it was United; now it’s Chelsea.

In reality, Chelsea does seem like more of a natural fit for Pochettino than United.

After all, if one writes off this season as an anomaly, then it can easily be argued that Chelsea will be strong contenders for the title next season; and when the odds are announced it seems very likely that the Blues will be among the favourites.

The same cannot be said of Manchester United. A cursory glance at their squad shows no true superstars; instead a collection of overhyped, overpaid and underwhelming players.

For the Red Devils to be in with a chance next year, a number of very large cheques would need to be written, and that’s assuming that any top players would even want to go to Old Trafford – which is a very big assumption indeed.

So for all of those reasons, Chelsea seems like a better fit for Pochettino.

But without wanting to be controversial, it would still seem like an odd move.

You see, Spurs are a team on the up. One of the youngest squads in the Premier League, with teenagers and twenty-somethings aplenty, Tottenham have got room to grow and develop. If Pochettino wants to, it seems likely he would be allowed to grow with them.

At Chelsea, the proposition is very different. The squad is in need of an overhaul, and Pochettino would be in charge of recruiting a number of new faces to restore former glory to Stamford Bridge.

The style of football is radically different to Pochettino’s notorious and preferred style, so a whole lot of work would need to be done there, too.

A move to the Bridge would be a big risk for the man that’s been at Tottenham for the last two years.

Is it a risk worth taking?

Well, it depends.

If Pochettino truly believes that Tottenham can win the league – if not this year, at least at some point in the near future – I believe that he’ll stay.

He’s stable, he’s done fantastically well and his team look like they’ve got more improvement in them.

Needless to say, if he doesn’t believe, then he should and will go. Time will tell, but no doubt it’s going to be a fascinating few months of speculation until the next Chelsea boss is announced.

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