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There is a recurring theme among South Floridians that seems to have carried into the Miami Dolphins organization.

We’re almost always fashionably late to every function, but we tend to make up for our tardiness in some way or another. The Dolphins are proving to be no different.

With their late 4th-quarter win over the Rams – prevailing 14-10 after falling behind 10-0 by the end of the third term – this makes four straight games the Miami Dolphins have magically pulled out a victory in the winding seconds of the game.

Are These Cliff-hanger Wins Good for Dolfans’ Sanity?

Absolutely not. Lately, most Dolphins fans are either on the edge of their seats or pacing around their house nervously with their eyes locked on the TV. The best part is: we absolutely deserve it. For years, possibly even decades, generations of South Florida sports fans have left the stadium or arena once things are starting to look dire for the home team. Granted, Miami traffic is straight out of one of the rings of hell in Dante’s Inferno, but that’s not much of an excuse to not support the team you claim to love.

NBA fans will remember Game 6 of the Heat-Spurs matchup in 2013. In what LeBron James called “the best game I have ever been a part of”, hordes of white shirts started fleeing the American Airlines Arena with 28 seconds left in the game. LeBron then drained a 3-pointer, the Spurs’ Kawhi Leonard missed a free-throw, and Chris Bosh got a rebound and dished it to Ray Allen for the greatest 3-point shot in all of NBA history. Hundreds of Heat fans were banging on the doors to be let back in and enjoy the epic win.

Anyway, circling back to the NFL, Miami Dolphins fans are no different – and they’re mostly the same people. With these amazing 4th-quarter comebacks, the Dolphins are essentially forcing their fans that would otherwise be in their cars on the drive home or flipping channels to stay glued to their TV. This is the spark of a resurgence in Miami football, and hopefully the Dolphins can continue playing at a high level.

Are the Dolphins Actually Good Now?

According to their 6-4 record, they’re alright. But according to their AFC East standing at #2, they’re great as far as I’m concerned. They now have a fighting chance for the playoffs, and the “you suck” jeers towards the last-place Jets have substance.

The Dolphins will now face off against the San Francisco 49ers at home in front an invigorated South Florida crowd. It should be an amazing atmosphere, but the Dolphins should in no way slack off. The 49ers held their own better than expected against the Patriots this weekend, and the Dolphins should carry their chip on their shoulder against Chip Kelly (if he still has his job by next week; if not, my subpar pun was all in vain).

How About that AFC East Spot?

The competitor in all of us wants that #1 spot, but seeing the Dolphins at #2 behind the Patriots is enough for Miami fans for now. Starting December 17th, the AFC will have three back-to-back-to-back weeks of division rivalry shake-ups. The Dolphins will face the Jets on the 17th, the Bills on the 24th, and the Patriots at Hard Rock Stadium on the 1st. The Jets have a similar schedule, and the Patriots and Bills will meet two of their three AFC East competitors.

You best believe there is going to be some grinding, highly competitive football come late-December.

This five-win streak looks good, and the Patriots have a shot to extend it to 10 victories straight by the time they face the Patriots. The match-ups against the Cardinals and Ravens until then might be tough, but you can bet I’ll be watching that final quarter along with a huge spike in Miami Dolphins 4th-quarter viewership.

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