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This was a weekend loaded with exciting matchups between NFC rivals. The NFC is going to continue heating up on the race to the playoffs, and the season is far from over.


This might be the most exciting division in the NFC. Each team is loaded with personality and a certain grit to win that is missing from most other NFL teams.

The Dallas Cowboys exploded into contention with Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott, and currently have the best record in the NFL, regardless of their loss to the Giants this weekend. The Cowboys will at minimum go to the playoffs as the wildcard (they mathematically clinched it), but will likely snatch the number 1 slot for the playoffs. They’ve earned it.

The New York Giants constantly teeter on the edge of being a really good team and playing at the level of the Miami Dolphins. They have won seven of their last eight games, however, and are starting to look threatening. Eli Manning, Odell Beckham Jr. and Victor Cruz are a deadly trio when playing well, and a fair arsenal when playing mediocre.

The Washington Redskins experienced a reinvigoration this season, but aren’t too much a threat with a 7-5-1 record. Kirk Cousins has that urge to win and is slowly becoming one of my favorite quarterbacks in the league. Josh Norman might be one of the best corners in the league right now as well.

The Philadelphia Eagles started out great this season, but quickly took a nosedive. Carson Wentz is a huge improvement, but it seems that teams have figured out how to play against Wentz’s scrappy style of play. They have lost seven of their last nine games and likely won’t make the playoffs, but they are worth a shout out.


The Seahawks are going to end with the number one spot, but the reality is they are just a playoff team now.

They have been running the same offense since Russell Wilson was drafted, and without the beast Marshawn Lynch they are lacking the versatility, and some would argue the offensive coordination, to pose a threat to a marginally better defense in the playoffs.

I had high hopes for the Cardinals, but this just isn’t their season.


I love to see the Detroit Lions taking the top spot, especially after it looked like the Vikings were going to be a hard number one at the start of the season. Matthew Stafford is proving to be a great quarterback and is leading the pace for Detroit football.

The Lions will face the Giants, Cowboys and Packers in their next three games and will likely go one-for-three. Their one win they really need is against the Packers, since the Vikings are nipping at their heels and could possibly go three-for-three in their next games.


Don’t count the NFC South as a boring division this season. Matt Ryan is leading the Falcons extremely well and is playing at his highest level. This weekend, he threw for 237 yards with a 64.3% completion, 3 TDs and 0 interceptions. The Falcons play the 49ers (easy win) the Panthers (will be a good game) and the Saints (expect a high-scoring shootout) in their next three games.

The Buccaneers are looking pretty good, too. Jameis Winston is a phenomenal leader, even though he’s from Florida State. The Bucs will face the Cowboys next week, which would be a huge game for Tampa Bay if they win. They probably won’t, so let’s shift our focus to their games with division rivals the Panthers and the Saints. The Buccaneers have a good shot at the playoffs, but they have to go at least one-for-three in their next three games to stay in the conversation.

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