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Manning and Cousins squash media noise

Heading into Thursday night’s game between the Redskins and the visiting Giants, a lot of talk was focused on the game’s two quarterbacks, Eli Manning and Kirk Cousins.

The pre-game predictions and real-time results couldn’t have been further apart.

Will the real Eli Manning please stand up?

The noise surrounding Manning touches on the possibility that another season in which he leads the NFL in interceptions could signal the beginning of the end for the man that owns twice the Lombardi trophies as his Hall-of-Fame brother.

Perhaps he took Derek Jeter’s advice this week and shut out the New York media to just play his game.

In 18 out of his last 19 games against the Skins, he threw for one or fewer touchdowns. In the Giants’ 45-14 rout over Washington, Manning tossed 4 TDs and ran in a fifth while amassing 300 yards through the air.

#10 has now played well for three straight games and the New York Football Giants are back to .500 at 2-2.

While I’m not quite ready to name the Giants a legitimate threat to challenge Philly in the NFC East, I am ready to eat crow on my disparaging comments concerning Eli slipping into irrelevancy.

Frustrated fans love the back-up

Being the back-up quarterback on a struggling team is an easy job. The home team is down by 20 and the stadium is chanting your name.

Fans love the back-up. The back-up is the savior, the one missing cog that will right the ship … if only that jackass coach would pull his head out of his ass and start him!

But fantasizing about the back-up is akin to imagining that super-hot chick across the bar will waltz on over to make the first move on you just because you’ve got the balls to wear a t-shirt that says “I need a vagina to cry on.”

The back-up is a back-up for a reason, and Kirk Cousins’ performance against the Giants reminded us of this.

Cousins was abysmal, tossing 4 INTs through a combination of bad decisions, poor accuracy and feeling scared in the pocket. He also lost a fumble.

Head Coach Jay Gruden was quick to point out that the loss ought not to be pinned on Cousins, but this doesn’t change the fact that those hordes of Redskins fans clamoring for Cousins to replace RGIII can now stuff a stinky gym sock in their mouths.

Just for the record, I am hardly saying that Cousins’ goose is cooked. He’s shown a lot of promise and could very well be a legitimate starter one day. But let’s remember Charlie Whitehurst, Kevin Kolb and Matt Flynn before we anoint an unproven back-up the next heir to the throne.

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