Wednesday 21 February 2018 / 08:31 AM


OKC’s marquee man Russell Westbrook was widely expected to put up some crazy numbers this season after Kevin Durant’s departure to Golden State.

However, it’s doubtful anyone could have predicted the type of gaudy numbers that Russ has put up thus far. Westbrook used another monster game to move the Thunder past the Lakers, and improve to 3-0 on the year.

And he happened to make history doing it. Russ has had two triple-doubles in the first three games, joining the elite 100-30-30 club to start the year.

But it’s not just the wins that are impressive, it’s the phenomenal stats he’s already racked up: a 50-point game, two triple-doubles (including the first 50-point triple-double since Kareem in 1975), and assisting on over 80% of his teammates’ points when he’s on the floor.

We all knew Westbrook would get his – but I don’t think anyone expected this.

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