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The fake beef between Canadian rapper Drake and Golden State superstar Kevin Durant reached new heights during last night’s Raptors-Warriors clash in Toronto.

The match coincided with the Raptors’ fourth annual ‘Drake Night’, which honours their ‘global ambassador’ and basketball’s perennial groupie.

Before the posturing could start, however, the ‘Hotline Bling’ warbler creeped out legendary sideline reporter Doris Burke with his choice of attire, and went a bit OTT in an interview about his admiration for the veteran journo.

Then he stared down Kevin Durant after the Raptors drained a three. Tough guy.

Although the faux-staunch hip-hop icon, notorious for looking like a proud girlfriend at NBA games, did manage a chuckle with KD as the clock wound down.

Then the coup de grace, Drake intentionally bumping Durant as he gave a post-match interview following the Warriors’ 127-121 win.

Durant had the last word though: “I don’t give a damn bout no Drake Day.”

However, afterwards Drake gave a gracious press conference endorsing Durant’s controversial move to Golden State, referring to KD as “my friend”, and wishing him and the Warriors all the best.

[YouTube – Ximo Pierto]

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