Wednesday 21 February 2018 / 08:35 AM


In a game that looked like a snoozer – with both the Clippers’ Blake Griffin and the Nets’ Jeremy Lin missing – the Clippers and Nets turned one in that is a candidate for game of the year.

The Clippers got out to a pretty routine start, horsing around and having some highlight plays while leading by up to 18 late in the third quarter.

But the Nets would storm back, forcing the game into overtime behind some spectacular play by Sean Kilpatrick and some crazy refereeing down the stretch.

And from there, it would get even more interesting. Late in the first overtime, Doc Rivers got tossed for arguing a call, getting his second technical.

Rivers missed the game-tying three from Jamal Crawford to get us to another overtime. But in the second OT period, it would be DeAndre Jordan – after producing 21 points and 23 boards – who came up with the game-sealing foul on Kilpatrick as the Nets scored a 127-122 boilover.

Great games come from nowhere, I guess!

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