Ziggo loses broadcast rights to Viaplay again

Ziggo loses broadcast rights to Viaplay again

Words of disappointment from golf fans who suddenly had to get an extra subscription to watch the US Open golf tournament.

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The US Open is one of the four major golf tournaments that are held annually. Until recently, these four most important tournaments on the golf calendar could be watched live zygo Sports and payment formula Ziggo Sport the total. This year, the US Open cannot be watched at Ziggo Sport for the first time in years. The broadcast rights for this US golf tournament have been transferred to the streaming service across play. The other three major golf tournaments, The Masters, The Open Championship and the PGA Tournament will remain on Ziggo Sport’s golf offering.

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On social media, golf fans are disappointed with the news. This is partly because Ziggo/Ziggo Sport still indicates on their website that all major golf tournaments are shown live. So enthusiasts should get an additional Viaplay subscription in order to be able to watch the US Open this weekend. With this subscription, the golf offer is further expanded. Viaplay also owns the broadcast rights to the LIV Tour golf tournaments. The US Open can be watched live on Viaplay until June 18th. Broadcasts begin at 5pm on Friday and 7pm on Saturday and Sunday.

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