Zelensky: Missile shortage looms for Ukraine

Zelensky: Missile shortage looms for Ukraine

In an interview with Ukrainian television, Zelensky said that 25 Patriot defense systems were needed to fully defend Ukraine against Russian attacks from the air.

In recent days, he has regularly urged for more help from abroad. “The new air defense system could radically change the situation,” he said on Thursday. “It is absolutely unacceptable that many countries in the world are still thinking about how to combat terrorism, when it only requires a few political decisions.”

Weapons on credit

Zelensky says he is open to US arms aid on credit. He says it is better to get weapons on credit now than to get them for free in a year. 'We will accept any option' The idea of ​​weapons on credit comes from Donald Trump, who wants to return to the White House in November.

Republicans, to which Trump belongs, have been blocking the release of $60 billion in military aid to Ukraine for months. According to Zelensky, without American assistance, it will be difficult for Ukraine to achieve success on the battlefield and continue to defend itself.

Surprise at the attack on Kharkiv

There were also Russian attacks again last night. An attack in Kharkiv, the country's second largest city, killed six people. Ten people were injured. One resident says in this video: “I looked around in amazement:

According to the mayor of Kharkiv, the attacks caused severe damage to residential buildings, offices, a store and a gas station. Fires broke out in several places in the city after the drone attack, shortly after midnight.

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Drone attacks

The city of Kharkiv, located in northeastern Ukraine, has been repeatedly targeted by Russia in recent weeks. At least five people, including rescue workers, were killed in Russian drone attacks overnight Wednesday into Thursday.

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