Young Moldovans arrested in Paris for their ominous writings on coffins

Young Moldovans arrested in Paris for their ominous writings on coffins

Three young men from Moldova were arrested in Paris on Friday night on suspicion of defacing buildings with pictures of coffins on the walls. Report that French media Saturday. The photos show red coffins with texts in French or Cyrillic. “French soldiers in Ukraine” is written above the coffins.

The youth are accused, among other things, of damaging public spaces and facilitating “foreign interference” in France. The motives of the perpetrators have not yet been revealed. This measure may be a response to previous statements by French President Emmanuel Macron, who a few months ago hinted at the deployment of Western soldiers in Ukraine.

According to Moldova’s Foreign Minister Mihai Bobsoe, these are young people who want to tarnish the image of Moldova. He added that he condemns this action and is ready to work with France to clarify the matter Message on X. Bobsoy is trying to combat Russian influence in his country, including the pro-Russian breakaway state of Transnistria, which borders Ukraine.

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This is the second time in one week that coffins have been found in the French capital. Three other men from Bulgaria, Germany and Ukraine had placed coffins under the Eiffel Tower covered with the French flag and bearing the same text: “French soldiers in Ukraine.” They are awaiting investigation at liberty. The men are said to be part of an artistic group fighting for peace between Russia and Ukraine. But according to France, Russian intelligence is behind it.

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