You don’t have to get it from South America, do you?  Come!'

You don’t have to get it from South America, do you? Come!’

Johann Derksen was not impressed by Ajax’s Latin defenders. Analyst Inside Veronica Edson believes Alvarez and Licandro Martinez are much appreciated. Derxon set Inside Veronica That there are enough of these types of players in the Netherlands and that they should not be taken from South America.

“People who understand that now slowly want to convince him and that central defender that they are world footballers,” Derksen mentions Alvarez and Martinez. However, I continue to think of it as ‘home, garden and kitchen footballers’. I don’t think you should pay more for these types of players because you can train them yourself. There are twenty better footballers than two in the Netherlands. ‘

People at the table react with surprise, but Dirkson disagrees. ‘I don’t think it’s special. It does not add anything to Ajax. If you can play a little football with fitness, you can play in this ajax, ‘says Derkson. Valentijn Driessen joins Derksen. I agree with Johan if Martinez adds anything. He pretends to be blind from the center. ‘


Terkson didn’t care about that. But the center of the blind also has its weaknesses. The blind man holds only the ball. ‘At the table it was discussed that Martinez was indeed a great footballer, after which Derksen picked it up again. You don’t have to get it from South America, do you? Come! Look at such a bazaar. Ajax will not like him because they think they will take that guy back. He dropped things once, but he has more football than those two. ‘

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