Women’s soccer in America vs. Netherlands

Women’s soccer in America vs. Netherlands

When you think of women’s soccer, you think of America. America is No. 1 in the world when it comes to women’s soccer. How big is women’s football in America and what is the difference between it and the Netherlands? You can read all about it in this article!

First we will look at the number of soccer players in America. About 1.6 million girls and women play soccer in the United States. In the Netherlands we have 160,000 football players. America has more than ten times (!) the number of soccer players. This is of course also because there are more people living in America in the first place. There is no country where as many women play soccer as in America.

There are more women playing soccer in America than in the Netherlands. In addition to the number of footballers in the Netherlands and America, we also look at the performance of both countries. The United States has won the most World Cup titles and finished in the top three at all world championships. The Orange Lionesses won the European Championship in their country in 2017, and in 2019 they reached the World Cup final against America, but lost 2-0 and finished second.

America has won the most trophies ever, and women’s football in the Netherlands is still in a growing phase. So that’s a big difference.

Women’s soccer has been very big in America for a long time. Unlike the Netherlands, where women’s football has grown tremendously after the Dutch women’s national team became European champions in 2017. One difference between America and the Netherlands can be found by looking at the FIFA world rankings. America comes in fourth place and the Netherlands in eighth place. In 2014, the Netherlands ranked 14th, with America topping the list in recent years. The growth in women’s football in the Netherlands is clearly visible when looking at this ranking.

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When we look at the difference in the level of college teams in America and regular (non-professional) competitions in the Netherlands, there are differences as well. In America, women’s soccer is very popular in schools. Facilities are top notch, matches are played on stadiums, and strength coaches and physiotherapists are on hand for the players at every training and match. Women’s soccer in American colleges is similar to professional soccer. Compared to the Netherlands, the facilities in the Netherlands are much less professional.

In addition, the sporting experience in America is very wonderful, and we know America a little; Big and overrated. But this creates an incredibly great atmosphere and experience in sports in particular. You are given a certain status and represent your school. This means that you do not belong to one specific club, as is the case in the Netherlands, but to a university where all types of sports are played. Together with all students, you support each other and aim to achieve the highest possible results! So it all looks a little different than in the Netherlands.

There are enough differences to mention, but we certainly haven’t yet been able to tell the full story of women’s soccer in America. Would you like to get more information about sports and studying in America? Does this sound like a great adventure to you? Then sign up to get our latest Women’s football experience at VV Gemert We will contact you as soon as possible!

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