"Women's liberation in science is not happening fast enough."

“Women’s liberation in science is not happening fast enough.”

The increase in the number of women at the top of science is not happening fast enough. This is stated in the new Masters Monitor, which was introduced today.

Last year (2021), the percentage of female professors increased by 1%. This is the smallest growth in the past five years, the National Network for Professors (LNVH) confirms.

“It will take until 2041 before the proportional distribution of males and females among professors is achieved,” says the network. “This is one year behind last year’s forecast.”


Women also appear to be in a lower range than their male colleagues: they are therefore paid less. This difference between professors increased. Moreover, female scientists more often than their male colleagues have a temporary contract. The difference is larger among assistant professors: 4.4 percentage points.

There is still a glass ceiling. In particular, the transition from assistant professor to senior lecturer appears to be more difficult for women than for men. According to a press release, the National Women’s Suffrage Association is calling for new impulsive programs and “a resumption of focus on the advancement of women.”

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By the way, there are also some bright spots. For example, the percentage of female associate professors has increased significantly, according to the observer, and there are also more women in the academic administration.

The percentage of female professors in university hospitals has also increased: from 28% in 2021 to 29.7% in 2022. The differences between them are significant. Among the professors at the VUMC in Amsterdam, 38 percent are women, compared to 24.2 percent at the Erasmus Medical Centre.

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University staff numbers used by the network have already been announced. In the slightly longer term, it feels about right to go faster With the increase in the percentage of professors. Over the past 10 years, the percentage of female professors has increased by 12 percentage points. In the past 10 years this has been 8 percentage points.

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