With Steijn it’s the Hague, with Ten Hag it’s Twents

With Steijn it’s the Hague, with Ten Hag it’s Twents

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Henk Spahn

A9 by Marcelo Gallardo

Gallardo is a coach who has left since December. I’m not going to complain about Steijn here, but just pay attention to this Argentine’s palms: seven titles with River Plate, three Argentine titles and two South American Cups. Spreads offensive football. Gallardo speaks Spanish, so a run for Ajax was ruled out in advance. Ajax DNA creates Amsterdam dialects. In Steijn it is Hague, in Ten Hag it is Twents, but these are exceptions. Keje Molenaar is considered a prominent carrier of the Ajax gene. It is true that he speaks Volendams, but this is an exception. Gallardo is negotiating with Olympique de Marseille. He once stood there in the tunnel as a Monaco player and was beaten by Galtier van Marseille. Galtier said he was beaten by Gallardo. The strange thing is that in the port city no one talks about Olympique de Marseille’s DNA.

Marcelo Gallardo.Image by Diego Halias/EPA

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