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This makes it annoying, so you can have a driver for a particular part twice in two places with both different versions.

Tell your chipset via Windows 10.0 update installation version. Then you will update the drivers yourself. You get 10.1 in / oemdriver /. This can cause problems, right? Because Windows sees both a valid driver in system32 and an OEM driver. It will (most likely) handle this precisely for Windows itself. For example, going to the version first, but not every app will. Because they call% windir% / system32.

Isn’t it time Windows goes to an accessible driver store that you have the% driver%. All of your driver websites are used here. And that if I choose a driver from the internet tomorrow and install it myself, just change the version and location in the driver store. Whether this is a first-party or a third-party validated or unverified.

If it is easy to view, the average user can understand something if they call technical support, for example, because something is not working. Now if you have specific problem and it might be a driver bug. Should it be easy for tech support to get their users to do this?

That’s in this store, for example
Name | Version | Company | Validate | Installed via | Site | Get a driver
10.1 chipset | Intel | Correct (with testimony) | Windows Update | /sys32/driverx123.inf | Click Save As

I don’t see the problem Microsoft wants to solve.

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