Will you stick to Adele's diet?  † Join the Conversation

Will you stick to Adele’s diet? † Join the Conversation

In an interview with Vogue, Adele talked about her diet in which she lost a few pounds. The British singer changed her diet quite often. For example, Adele says she used to drink ten cups of tea a day, each containing two blocks of sugar. “I don’t do that anymore,” Adele says. She has also started cooking herself and enjoys making dishes from British Chef Jamie Oliver.

Salad and chicken nuggets

Adele started her day with a good breakfast. For lunch, Adele had a salad of kale, parsley, celery, apple, and walnuts, with olive oil and lemon juice dressing for lunch. The singer drank alcohol but cut back on it. Adele also occasionally went to McDonald’s for chicken nuggets and a Big Mac with fries. “I just need to, otherwise I won’t continue.”

Previously mentioned telegraph That Adele lost more than 35 kilograms due to her strict diet and many sports. The singer maintained her tight sports schedule for 3 years.

For some, it’s easier to maintain a diet with strict rules and exercise with discipline, for others they just can’t stand that empty stomach that won’t go away and may give up in a few weeks.

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