White hydrogen from soil is an inexhaustible source of energy

White hydrogen from soil is an inexhaustible source of energy

Not looking in the right place

It has long been known that hydrogen occurs naturally in the deep layers of the Earth. It is formed there by chemical reactions, for example water with iron. But it was not seen on a large scale until recently. Recent discoveries in Africa, Australia and the United States have led Earth scientists to believe that they are not looking in the right place. White hydrogen is now sought in Africa, South America, Australia, the United States, France and Spain.

A green successor to oil

The Geological Society of America (GSA) ended last October Preliminary research model Natural hydrogen has the potential to become a major source of energy. The model more confidently predicts that the exploitation of white hydrogen could supply at least half of the world’s green hydrogen needs until 2100 and beyond. Hundreds of megatons can be extracted each year. Therefore, further research on extraction is necessary. In July this year, the Geological Society of London A Conference
As for the search for this ‘free’ hydrogen, it could be a greener successor to oil, according to the Science Institute.

An inexhaustible source of energy

American company Natural Hydrogen Energy LLC (NH2E) calls natural, white hydrogen an inexhaustible source of sustainable energy. The company is pioneering the search for white hydrogen in Earth’s soil and conducted its first successful drilling in 2019 after twenty years of research. According to the company, the amount of natural hydrogen on Earth is underestimated. It is created there over millions of years through organic reactions, making it redundant to produce green hydrogen with fossil or renewable energy. So it will be cheaper than all standard alternatives. The NH2E team has successfully completed the first test drilling after receiving offers for various sites. The company is now in the process of starting commercial production.

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