Which country will be the first to recognize the new government of Afghanistan?

Which country will be the first to recognize the new government of Afghanistan?

As the Taliban declare victory in Afghanistan, they form the new government of Afghanistan. The Taliban are not the only ones talking about an interim government. The question is which country will recognize this new government first. What will Pakistan do even to the United Nations or the Netherlands?

Foreign commentator Bernard Hummelberg says the new government will not be able to sever all ties with foreign countries. “If they do that, they will cut themselves off. It’s trade, buying raw materials, the country needs to move forward. They need to establish relations with other countries. The question is, with which country.

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Will it be Pakistan? Pakistan has been playing a dubious role in recent years. The Taliban were hunted down within national borders, but at the same time the Taliban were supported in Afghanistan, ‘says Hummelberg. “Remember, the goal of the Taliban is to control both Afghanistan and Pakistan.” An emir will probably come to power, but it is not yet clear.

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Chaos at the airport

Meanwhile, many are trying to leave the country. The footage shows people running around the airport and trying to board planes of all kinds. It is reminiscent of Vietnam in the 1970s. Even then, people stormed planes and people hung out in helicopters. Many were then taken away, and that is the question here, says Dan Sonnut, who was in Vietnam at the time, who witnessed the chaos of a military and civilian airport at the time.

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Also, it applies to interpreters, drivers, cooks and everyone else involved in the international armed forces and embassies. But this also applies to ordinary Afghans who want to leave. We allow all those people to suffocate because some of those planes are not enough. I think there will be a terrible headset day in Afghanistan. Many players surrendered very quickly. ‘

‘Immigrated to America’

Huge sums have been put in to build the Afghan army. Not only by the United States, but also by the international community. “Thousands of billions of dollars in the missing army, yes, you made a big mistake. This is an indirect loss.”

It is a shame that the United States and other countries have not said that they have a moral obligation to care for the people who have wanted to leave and worked with them for the last twenty years. “Now 6,000 Americans have flown in, so something will happen, but the question is what.”

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