New stock of PlayStation 5 on the way?  All information about possible drops in a row

Where is PlayStation 5 in stock? Retailers are delivering again

Sony released the PS5 in Europe on November 19, 2020, but it has since proven very difficult to get a console. This has several reasons, because the Japanese company has underestimated demand and there is also a huge shortage of chips. The shortage is expected to last at least until the end of the summer, but we are closely monitoring the situation so you can start early.

PlayStation 5

Update 03/30 (09:20) → The Dutch market has once again received a new shipment from Sony.

  • Ned game It began handing over orders that were scheduled for “the end of March”. It might be that new ordering options are also being offered.
  • Amazon Netherlands Users who fell by the wayside last week reported that they can expect their order on March 30 or 31.
  • No information has been released yet, but deliveries are generally distributed among all Dutch retailers. The most recent decline happened about a month ago, which is starting to increase the chances of new PS5 consoles once again. The advice is to click on the “Inform me” button on the page PS5 From The digital version of the PS5Because they will be the first to be notified of the new stock.
  • Bcc It has filtered many open orders in the past few days, although we don’t expect it to be ready with the entire list yet.
  • Today (3/30) there was a drop in Amazon Italy. In some cases, the console also became available later in the day Amazon GermanyAnd France in a Spain.
  • MediaMarkt received a very large number of orders on Friday, March 19 and is expecting new deliveries on Tuesday. A large number of people already received an email to get a PS5 from a subsidiary this weekend.
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PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 Digital Edition

Updated 03/24 (19:05) ← Amazon Netherlands Last Tuesday it showed the disc and digital edition of the PlayStation 5, but as with MediaMarkt, a lot of requests were made. The retailer will not cancel open orders, but it may take some time before new delivery is made. Some readers have received a message from Amazon stating that an expected delivery time will be added to orders soon.

Update 30/22 (11:24) ← The drop happened at MediaMarkt last Friday and the PS5 has been online for a remarkably long time. Unfortunately, that turns out to be way too long and there is now a huge waiting list that could last until July. So it will take some time for one copy there to sell again. The situation in other retailers is as follows:

  • Bol.comThe last drop in It happened three weeks ago and that means the next drop won’t be long. If you have made a mistake, it is recommended that you click the “Notify me” button on the page PS5 From The digital version of the PS5Because they will be the first to be notified of the new stock.
  • Cool bluestrap Cool blue It was temporarily available again through the lottery. You can choose from one PS5 with Spider-Man: Miles Morales and 3D Pulse (660 euros), FIFA 21 met with an extra console (590 euros) from Black Ops: The Cold War with SteelSeries Arctic 3 (€ 655). PlayStation 5 is only available with accessories. Cool blue Announced the winners now.
  • Ned game– At NedGame, there was recently the possibility to pre-order anyone PS5 package. These controllers are scheduled to be delivered at the end of March. Stay Ned game Stay tuned, because if canceled, packages come back online regularly. In addition, the store began delivering the first copies.
  • Media Market – MediaMarkt received a very large number of requests on Friday March 19 and currently has a long waiting list. It could take months before another one sells.
  • Mania gameIn the Mania game It’s making good progress too and they’ve now reached submissions in mid-September (PS5). Applications for the digital edition will be delivered from February 2021.
  • AmazonThere was a drop last week Amazon GermanyAnd France in a Italy. It remains unknown when the next delivery will follow.
  • Aharoun – Bee Wehkamp The situation has been calm for a few weeks and there is a good chance something will happen soon, although we should note that there are still some open orders. The last drop in Bcc On March 11th.
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