WhatsApp will enable ‘now online’ status protection in the future – tablets and phones – news

WhatsApp is working on a full protection option for ‘Online now’ status. This was already possible with regards to “last seen” status, but users felt that it did not provide enough privacy.

WhatsApp specialists in Type WABetaInfo Discover the feature in the app’s beta code on iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows. The feature isn’t actually in WhatsApp yet, not even in the beta version. It is very likely that the job is already coming up. When this will happen is unknown.

The online status will appear at the top of the chat window if the other person is currently on WhatsApp. Many users find it undesirable for others to see when the app is open. In the The latest update focuses on privacy WhatsApp has already made it possible to hide your profile picture, profile text, and “last seen” status from specific contacts or from everyone, but the “online now” status has not been processed, much to the chagrin of commenters. That will change soon.

If users protect the Online Now status, they will not be able to see the same status with others. The same has always been true for all the privacy-oriented options in the app. For example, the blue check marks in WhatsApp do not appear to others either if you do not want to share it yourself.

The screenshot is from iOS, but WABetaInfo assures readers that all platforms will get this (Photo: WABetaInfo)
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