What words by Nikola Jokic

What words by Nikola Jokic

On his podcast, Simmons analyzed the best teams in the league after November and highlighted Jokic in particular.

He believes that the Denver Nuggets are still the best team in the league despite their ranking, that is, currently only the sixth best performance in the entire league.

“I know Jamal Murray is injured, Denver is 13-6, and they’ve had a couple of losses, but they have Jokic,” Simmons said.

Then he explained his position.

– A few nights ago, Brian Scalabrini said the gap between Jokic and the next best player in the league is the biggest since LeBron in 2013, when Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony were far behind him. This is certainly the case with Jokic as well.

Simmons indirectly said that Jokic might be the best offensive player in the last 40 years.

– I think he is the best offensive player of my life, at least so far. That’s why I think Denver is the favorite. “I don’t care what position they’re in before the playoffs, they’re the No. 1 team,” said Simmons, 54.

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