What is the layout of Volkswagen with Seat?

What is the layout of Volkswagen with Seat?

Seat becomes Alfa Romeo of the Volkswagen Group. This was the idea when the Spanish manufacturer was added to the Volkswagen portfolio. Despite plenty of successful sporty street and racecar models, SEAT hasn’t been able to live up to those expectations. Also because it was treated somewhat stepmother compared to Skoda and Volkswagen.

And with the launch of the Cupra as a separate brand, Seat’s turn seemed to be completely over. Within Volkswagen, it took over the role of the budget brand from Skoda, which was allowed to develop fully. Meanwhile, new plans for the future are on the table. The Seat won’t become an Alfa Romeo, but it will evolve into a mobility device. Think of shared electric cars and scooters under the “Seat Mo” name.

Electric city car?

According to the future plan presented by Volkswagen, Seat will focus on Development and production of compact electric car models from the group. They will be produced in the Spanish factories in Martorell and Pamplona, ​​for the manufacture of which 10 billion will be invested future proof to make.

It’s not clear which compact EV models are included, because Volkswagen also announced that the Spanish manufacturer doesn’t have a power seat variant. VW ID.2 you will get. This is unlike Cupra and Skoda. This may include the development of shared cars that are only for the city center, eg minimum.

Seat Minimo Concept

Cobra for America

Reducing the seat to a mobility provider is linked to the Cupra’s blunt ambitions. Just like Renault with Alpine, Volkswagen will also have plans to launch the Spanish manufacturer as a niche brand in the United States. Cobra is already late in Belgium Strong sales numbers register.

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Those US plans could have an impact on future Cobra models. The range will soon be expanded with a production version of urban rebel And in two models of the SUV: the electric model Tavascan and plug-in hybrid Terramar.

Cobra Urban Rebel

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