Wesley Schneider to Ninrode and Harvard: “Find out how to become a true leader” |  sports

Wesley Schneider to Ninrode and Harvard: “Find out how to become a true leader” | sports

Wesley Schneider goes to school. The international player, who played 134 times for the Dutch national team, will gain more knowledge about leadership at Nyenrode, the Netherlands, and Harvard, the United States. “I can go both ways with that. A management position or a head coach position.”

“The best coaches I had were all good coaches,” Schneider explained Monday evening. Veronica Offside. “But how do you become a real leader? I want to know. Also through a lot of self-reflection and feedback from others. The training is practice-oriented, and you work in groups,” Schneider said of his course at Nyenrode University. “This I really like. It takes Several months in total. It’s blocks of a couple of days and then it doesn’t happen again for a while.

Schneider will expand his knowledge not only at a Dutch university, but also at an American university. And this is not the least of it. “I was also accepted to Harvard,” Schneider continued his story. “Nyenrode is the practice and Harvard is the theory. And this is available online, in another language as well. I think this is important. If you want to become global in the future, you simply need to.”

“This came up, and I want to do this to maximize my potential. This will allow me to go in both directions later. A managerial position or a head coach position.” Schneider expects to spend several months in training courses.

In recent weeks, Sneijder has held talks with Ajax to discuss a potential role at the club, however The international record is not keen on that at the moment.

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