Anger: Vlogger Don announces that he has returned safely to his home from Budapest during the invasion of Ukraine, 1200 km away |  two thousand

Vlogger Don says he was safe at home from Budapest during the invasion of Ukraine, 1,200 km away | two thousand

Once again, a video by YouTuber Don de Jong (22) has been discredited. A video of the vlogger about his trip to Budapest “during the invasion of Ukraine” went wrong with many social media users.

In the video, which is no longer on De Jong’s account, he tells his followers that he is “now back home from his trip to Budapest”. This coincided with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, about 1,200 kilometers away.

The video begins “With the current situation in Ukraine, guys.” I’ve only been in Budapest for 24 hours. But it was a little scary. I was there this morning and when I woke up there was an invasion of Ukraine. But I’m home again, so No worry

Topographical knowledge

The fifteen-second video was captured by the popular Twitter account How can I do this about me, where De Jong mainly suffers from a lack of understanding. One says: “Lack of topographical knowledge among people who think that everything that seems Slavic/Eastern European must be in Russia or in Ukraine.”

The text continues below the video.

I was playing football manager for Dynamo Kyiv this week. Another said. Another said: “Through the eye of the needle!”

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This isn’t the first time the 22-year-old vlogger has been discredited. Last year Dae Jong went through the dust Because of a vlog about a flight on 9/11. “It flew on 9/11 and we survived our flight,” he said in the video. It caused angry reactions among more than 300,000 viewers of the vlog.

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