Visit Utah and enjoy skiing in Salt Lake City and the Wasatch Mountains.  Cheque!

Visit Utah and enjoy skiing in Salt Lake City and the Wasatch Mountains. Cheque!

A winter sport in Salt Lake City may have been on your mind for a while Bucket list. A winter sports vacation in Utah, city tour, cultural activities, rugged nature, culinary surprises and densely snow covered ski areas guarantees an amazing adventure, right? Here are five reasons why now is the time to take this extraordinary journey.

1. Utah is known for its heaviest snowfall

If you’re going on a winter sports vacation in Utah, you’ll be leaving marks in the sky with your skis Wasatch Mountains — West of the Rocky Mountains. Many animal species still live in the wild in this mountain range, you will see impressive views and you can do a lot of activities as a nature lover. It makes your trip a little more adventurous. Utah has taken many steps and initiatives to prioritize nature conservation so that every winter sports enthusiast – now and for generations to come – can enjoy nature optimally and therefore enjoy great snow responsibly.

Utah has a tremendous amount of snowfall each year.

2. Salt Lake City is in the middle of nature (and in the middle of snow)

Most of the ski areas in Utah are within an hour’s drive from Salt Lake City, the state capital of Utah, hence the name ‘Sky City’. So you can visit many resorts within a week Snowbird, Alta, Brighton, Loneliness, Park City And Deer Valley. That way, you combine the feeling of winter sports with a road trip to the country where everything is possible. Salt Lake City is a versatile pioneer city with a modern and ambitious character, and is known for quick and good access to all natural reserves in the Wasatch Mountains. After a few days of skiing in the high mountains, do you need a day of culture, culinary delights and historical sights? Then this is your stop.

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3. Park City is America’s largest ski area

The absolute top ski area is Park City: America’s largest ski area since 2015, so it’s a must-see for winter sports enthusiasts. The area has 348 well-groomed slopes, 43 lifts, 8 fun parks, a mini pipe and a super pipe, where many professional athletes can be seen during their training every season. Over the past three winters, additional restaurants have been built, old lifts have been replaced with new ones, and the infrastructure has been improved to accommodate all the tourists. The affiliation with Canyons Resort ensures a very diverse range of runs. Although the resort is geared towards advanced winter sports enthusiasts, novice skiers and snowboarders are not left to their own devices. For example, you can take a free guided tour of the Silver to Slopes Historic Mining Tour, a quiet tour that teaches you something.

Park City is Utah's largest ski area
Park City is Utah’s largest ski area

4. Luxurious Deer Valley has been voted one of America’s best ski resorts

Deer Valley is ski-in only, meaning no skiers are allowed. The luxury resort prepares its 99 kilometers of slopes twice a day, so you can enjoy unsupervised runs before and after lunch. At Deer Valley, there are as many options for novice skiers as for advanced skiers. From great sweeping slopes to perfect mogul slopes surrounded by beautiful restaurants, luxurious accommodation and atmospheric bars. If you are in Utah, a visit to this dream area is not to be missed.

Deer Valley is one of America’s top ski resorts

5. You can now fly directly and quickly to Salt Lake City with Delta (KLM).

We get it: America isn’t around the corner and travel may soon be a reason to postpone your visit to Utah. But do you know that you are now? Delta Airlines (KLM) Direct flights can be booked Salt Lake City Airport? And don’t those flights take longer than a car trip to the Alps? Also, you will be at a ski resort hotel within two hours from the moment you step off the plane. Easy to book and find through website Once you arrive at the hotel, you can enjoy a delicious drink with a view of the irresistible slopes. Wasatch MountainsYou are now successfully on your own adventure wishlist Can be ticked. Cheque!

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