very funny.  Nonprofit Expert Peter MalContent gerianvanrijbroekt Written by Jan Frank

very funny. Nonprofit Expert Peter MalContent gerianvanrijbroekt Written by Jan Frank

“Reporters” who “unmask” each other

When the nonprofit isn't busy talking over each other, looking at each other's asses or talking about respect and communication while putting photographers on their knees, they're busy hiring strange people as experts. For example, Riane van Rijbroek received the Rudi Bouma Award from Newsur while she turned out to be a crazy charlatan, as they described Palestinian activists as “expertIn front of the camera, you know everything. Now there is a problem in the tent again among the Israeli experts. Jan Franke (record of service, lived in Tel Aviv, was often on site) is busy reviewing Peter Malcontent (Utrecht University, at the forefront of the Rolodex of non-profits, was never on site). This discontent is carried out from time to time by the non-profit, but he has never been to Israel, let alone the Palestinian territories, let alone Gaza, and he does not speak Hebrew and does not speak Arabic. He wrote one booklet. It's not enough for Frank: he's busy with 'Exposure'. There goes TikTokTruus Marieke Kuypers (herself Deep fist NPO, or vice versa) and then switch completely to MAVO/HAVO, because Why is this not allowed? (Well, why can't a nonprofit just invite amateur experts)? This is Marieke He has an argument With Jan Frankie, but be sure to check the truth! Now Frank was dismissed by a certain part of the spectrum as the “Israel lobby” and he was disgruntled A cowardly drinker in the Palestine Committee. Now that you're somewhat familiar with relationships, the question is, of course: Is it helpful to be somewhere before you're called an “expert” on the subject? Should an F1 journalist have taken part in the race? Is it important for an Italy expert to speak Italian? And so on and so on. Choose your team!

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