UvA scholars predict: "Gango will be ninth and this country will win."

UvA scholars predict: “Gango will be ninth and this country will win.”

With the “Evergreen” songs, which we still sing years later, the “pure and repetitive” melody is especially important. “These are“ catchy tones. ”It is important to hear melody in these songs at least once, without intermediate accompaniment. Because accompaniment is a distraction,” explains Music World.

Just dance

If we look specifically at Eurovision’s songs, it is more than just melody. Rhythmic patterns often work well here, and it’s a kind of dancing pop. And the melody is not very simple, but it certainly is not very complicated. Serbia, for example, is doing very well this year. “

Also important, according to Burgoyne, is that the song is “a model song from Eurovision”. “The more typical the song, the better the song performs. Dutch Expression: Just act normally, then weirdly you apply completely here.”

Jeangu at number nine

Winners in recent years seem to steer slightly from this. But even the hysterical figure toy Israel, as of 2018, is a very “ normal ” number, according to the scientist. “If you look through the crackling of the chicken and the scene and only listen to the music.”

Did scientists expect Duncan Lawrence to win the Eurovision Song Contest? “No, actually no, if you look at our model. Twenty percent are about music and eighty percent talk mostly about the scene.” Passage It was not an amazing performance. But I think the way he did it was exactly what affected people. This seems to work, too. “

The winner will be this year, according to the Belgian UvA model. “This is not necessarily the strongest in terms of rhythmic patterns or the strongest in terms of the“ typical Eurovosion sound ”. Wrong place Good enough in everything. ”According to Burgoyne, the country with the most“ typical ”number this year is Denmark.

Jingu Macroe

The question that interests us all: How will Gango Macroe do according to science? “Our model gives Jinjo the ninth place. Everyone is disappointed when I tell them this, but 9 of 39 is not really a bad thing. It’s good to know that the Eurovision Song Contest is very difficult to predict. Our counters are good, but it is definitely not impossible for him to win.”

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He thinks so The birth of a new era She definitely has a great chance of becoming a huge hit on Eurovision and “Singing Together”. “Maybe more than Passage. The melody is very balanced. The combination with the Surinamese language also makes it very special. “

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