US Open |  "These fast balls are impossible to control" - Paula Badusa criticizes

US Open | “These fast balls are impossible to control” – Paula Badusa criticizes

The US Open is the only Grand Slam with different lighter balls for female players. Supposedly, it was women’s complaints in the 1980s that prompted the change. Heavier balls may cause arm injuries on hard courts.

“But nowadays we are so well prepared physically that this is no longer necessary,” Swiatek said last week. “I really don’t understand why they are different.” “In the end, you can’t even serve at 170 kilometers per hour, because those balls are going to fly like crazy. I think it’s too bad.”

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Badosa takes it one step further on Instagram. She posted a picture of the women’s match balls during the US Open alongside one of the men. It is clear on the label that the women’s balls are ideal for indoor use, while the men’s balls are suitable for quick play on hard courts.

“As women, we play in a fast lane with balls that are impossible to control. That’s not fun for us, but it’s also not fun for an audience who prefers watching the spectacle. As a result, you get a lot of unnecessary mistakes.”

negative effect

The Washington Post Talk to various experts about the difference in balls. They also indicate that they would like to see change. “I understand that players want the same balls as in other leagues,” says sports sociologist Laura Hills. “Even small teams can have a negative impact on their game.”

“It can also be frustrating, because it indicates that men’s sport is better. Women in sports have to constantly compete in order to be treated equally. So any double standard is a barrier that must be addressed.”

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Familiar with complaints

Complaints have now also reached the WTA, a spokesperson for the US broker said. “Women play with these balls because they reduce the chances of injuries to the arm, shoulder, elbow and wrist.”

“However, we are aware of the complaints and will continue to monitor them. We will discuss them with the players and our Sports Science team.”

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