Paul de Haan en Prenobe Bissessur

[UPDATE] The director of the Sudan Liberation Movement was also not allowed to leave Suriname

SLM Director Paul de Haan (left) and Prinoby Besser.

Paul de Haan, director of Surinamese Airlines (SLM), also has an exit ban. He is obligated to remain in Suriname, just like Prenobe Bissessur, in connection with the criminal investigation of the Public Prosecution Service (OM) of the airline. Modernization – Waterkant.Net Learn Editors That Paul de Haan is out of the country after all. He will be on his way to France via French Guiana.

Bessor arrived yesterday at Johann Adolf Pengel International Airport detained By the Judicial Intervention Team (JIT). He was supposed to leave for an overnight flight to Miami, but due to ongoing investigations, he was not allowed to leave the country. He was released after a short interrogation, without a passport and must remain there.

And the Public Prosecution announced, yesterday, that teams have been formed to conduct criminal investigations into this. These teams are led by prosecutors under the responsibility of the Attorney General.

pisso has an extension Contract with the Sudan Liberation Movement In which he receives a large amount of euros per month for his work.

Payments and amounts are unfair and unreasonable. “The possibilities of recovering these sums will be considered,” President Santoji said. About this in DNA.

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