UN urges Taliban to reverse restrictions on women’s rights |  abroad

UN urges Taliban to reverse restrictions on women’s rights | abroad

The United Nations and the Taliban discussed recent restrictions on women’s rights in Afghanistan on Monday. Since Saturday, the government has banned NGOs from hiring female employees. The United Nations wants the Taliban to reverse this change in policy.

The Deputy Head of the UN Mission in Afghanistan, Ramiz Alakbarov, spoke with the Afghan Minister of Finance, Mohammad Hanif. Alakbarov stressed that “millions of Afghans are in need of humanitarian aid. Therefore, it is necessary to lift these restrictions.”

A day earlier, some large foreign aid organizations had already announced that they would cease their work in Afghanistan. According to them, it is impossible to help the Afghan people – and Afghan women in particular – without the help of women.

NGOs risk their work permits if they continue to use women. According to the Taliban, there were “many complaints” about female employees who did not adhere to the strict interpretation of Islamic dress code.

The United Nations is not on the list of NGOs. However, the organization often contracts with NGOs registered in Afghanistan to carry out humanitarian work.

Since the Taliban returned to power last August, girls and women have lost more and more rights. This also causes criticism in Islamic countries such as Turkey, Iran and Pakistan.

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