UK study: unborn babies are disgusted with the taste of turnip

UK study: unborn babies are disgusted with the taste of turnip

The research was conducted at Durham University in England, and the results were published in the scientific journal psychology.

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Previous studies have shown that babies can actually develop their own taste before birth WatchmanDepending on what the mother eats and drinks. But the reaction that some foods cause directly to the fetus has not been examined before. “Seeing facial expressions is a whole new thing,” said Nadia Reisland, one of the researchers.

Scientists have seen that smells from the mother’s diet are present in the amniotic fluid. Taste can be perceived somewhat after 14 weeks of gestation, and smell after 24 weeks.

To determine whether fetuses could distinguish between different tastes, 100 pregnant women between 32 and 36 weeks were studied. They were divided into two groups: one group received kale-flavored powder capsules, and the other carrot-flavored powder.

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Twenty minutes after the women took the capsules, the scientists performed an ultrasound. The data collected showed that fetuses on ultrasound were twice as likely to frown if the mother was given turnip. On the contrary, the smile-like expression was twice as likely to appear when the mother ate the carrots.

According to Resland, it was already known that babies eat less selectively if their mothers eat a good diet. Researchers are currently looking at the reactions of babies once they are born. “Hopefully, we’d see fewer negative reactions if they were exposed to cabbage before birth.”

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