UK government relaxes rules around time slots at airports

UK government relaxes rules around time slots at airports

Photo: ANP

The British government will temporarily relax rules for time slots at UK airports so that airlines can better organize their flight schedules and prevent cancellations. Schiphol also previously introduced a temporary relaxation of rules on take-off and landing rights in order to prevent large crowds.

The British Ministry of Transport is talking about an ‘amnesty’ around time slots. Companies can lose a lock if you don’t use it. The ministry said that rule is now being modified to allow them to make “reasonable decisions” about their flight schedules.

“It is critical that people not be disappointed with last-minute cancellations and chaos at airports because the system is not working. I will do everything in my power to prevent this,” said Transport Secretary Grant Shapps. Today’s decision should help airlines provide security for passengers and make the months The coming is as smooth as possible.”

Like Schiphol, British airports such as Heathrow and Gatwick in London face a major shortage of staff in security and baggage handling. This has resulted in long lines of waiting passengers and huge amounts of bags left at airports. To avoid crowding, flights at British airports have been canceled by airlines.

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