UCB and Microsoft are at sea about artificial intelligence

After the first collaboration on the Corona drug, the Belgian pharmaceutical company is cooperating with the American technology giant to detect neurological and immune diseases through artificial intelligence.


She has a global partner. The Belgian pharmaceutical player has entered into a multi-year contract with Microsoft

On detection and identification of rare neurological and immune diseases.

Microsoft will provide artificial intelligence technology and a team of scientists to work with scientists and data specialists at UCSD. The goal is to enable UCB to detect patterns through artificial intelligence to develop high-quality new drugs.

The partnership builds on work already initiated by UCB and Microsoft on the coronavirus as part of the COVID Moonshot project, chemists from UCB have contributed to this open-world scientific project to create an oral antiviral agent for COVID-19. Although several companies participate in Moonshot, “the most powerful set of research data is coming from UCB,” according to the press release.

“This new collaboration aims to broaden this model and identify other areas in which computing power, artificial intelligence, and science can accelerate the development of life-changing treatments for people with serious illnesses in immunology and neuroscience,” the letter said.

Artificial intelligence is rapidly gaining importance in drug research. Advanced science, computing power, and AI algorithms make it possible to recognize molecules faster and thus can usually perform very long drug research faster and more efficiently.

Financial details about the partnership were not disclosed.

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