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Towards artificial intelligence without massive energy use

It’s Dr. Kelder’s experiment, as he’s having a comprehensive conversation about quantum mechanics. But it is an experience he loves to do. On the table is Professor Bert Cabin, who published an article in the popular scientific journal Nature Nanotechnology earlier this month. “Ultimately, this will allow AI to become more energy efficient,” says professor at Dr. Kelder & Co.

Computers that now use so-called deep learning, so self-learning computers, are now consuming energy. Perhaps Professor Bert Cabin has found a solution. “It’s still very young,” he says, “but in the end it could lead to a massive increase in AI efficiency.”

Bert Cabin, professor of neural networks and machine intelligence at Radboud University in Nijmegen, and his colleague Alexander Khajithurians have published their article on their research on smart matter. It is up to the professor to update Alpha Man Gurt Kelder on this basic beta science.

The prism is about a small structure consisting of few atoms. It’s a neural network, a structure that actually functions like our brain. The special thing about this structure is that it learns itself through change.

Read more about research here.

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