Tony’s Chocolonely has much higher sales, but hardly any profit

Tony’s Chocolonely has much higher sales, but hardly any profit

The damage is still ongoing with the insurance company. Due to contamination, production was halted for 7 weeks and no letter rails were made for Sinterklaas. Also, orders cannot be delivered to a number of customers for a period of time.

However, we purchased at least €133 million worth of chocolate from Tony’s Chocolonely in the financial year that ended September 30th. This is 22 percent more than the 109.6 million euros on the previous year.

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Ultimately, only a small profit of less than €73,000 was made. This is a profit margin of 0.05 percent.

This was in part because Tony had to deal with higher costs, such as personnel and sales costs. These more than increased sales.

Transporting chocolate bars has also become more expensive due to higher fuel prices. Moreover, high inflation has thrown a wrench into the works.

Tony prides himself on having a social purpose, more than making a profit. But if the company wants to survive, it still has to make enough profit.

Third lowest score in 10 years

Last year’s earnings were better than the loss of nearly €4.7m for the 2020/2021 financial year. Then Tony had to write off €5m because plans to build an amusement park attached to the factory in Zaandam fell through.

But apart from the loss and minimum profits in the 2018/2019 financial year, it was the worst result since 2012, when turnover was only 4.5 million euros and Tony published an annual report for the first time.

Low turnover in the Netherlands

The Netherlands remains by far the most important country for Tony. This is the source of 45 percent of the turnover. But sales fell 2 percent. Turnover has increased in the other countries where Tony is active, which more than compensated for the decline in turnover in the Netherlands.

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After the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States are the most important markets. Particularly in the US, turnover was up 57 percent.

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