Tomorrow the snow line will drop significantly in countries that practice winter sports

Tomorrow the snow line will drop significantly in countries that practice winter sports

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Is spring already here? It may have felt that way in recent days, but it hasn't happened yet at the ski areas this week. Yesterday we wrote about the expected snowfall tomorrow. Current news reports now show that there could be less snow than we thought. The snow line drops significantly in many countries, and even valleys can turn white again in some places. Fingers crossed!

The snow line is falling!

There has been heavy snowfall in the Southern and Western Alps recently, but in some places in the Alps the snow has been very moderate as well. Lower valleys, especially on the northern side of the Alps, can use a white coat. It seems that King Winter has listened to us, because the forecast looks promising. Various news platforms in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are reporting on a line of falling snow and a new winter invasion. Tomorrow the snow line may drop in some winter sports valleys!

Snow again in Austria

“The snow line drops below 1,000 metres, and even reaches into some valleys,” says a weather expert from Meteo Experts about snowfall in Tyrol. In the Tiroler Tageszeitung This expert reports that up to half a meter of snow could fall in some Austrian ski areas at an altitude of 1,000 metres. Starting Tuesday afternoon, the skies will close in and heavy clouds will form. On Wednesday night, a low pressure area over northern Italy will create dense rain clouds over the entire Tyrol. Heavy snow is expected to fall in some valleys, especially on Wednesday morning. A lot of snow can also fall in Vorarlberg.

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Expected amounts of snow in Austria during the next two days:

Also snow in parts of Bavaria

The German newspaper also reported that there was a line of falling snow! Mercury Reports of winter returning to Bavaria. In the far south, the snow line may drop to a height of 700 meters on Wednesday night. The German Meteorological Service (DWD) warns of snowfall in the Oberland. Temperatures will be low throughout Wednesday, and snow may fall. Until it gets really cold again at night!

Expected amounts of snow in Germanythe next two days:

Switzerland snow line: 500 metres

According to what was reported by Meteorological News and Blake The snow line is the lowest in Switzerland. Most of the snow falls in the Southern Swiss Alps, and at night the snow line drops to 500-800 metres. Warnings have already been issued about possible road and rail restrictions in Switzerland. Avalanche danger has also increased.

Expected amounts of snow in Switzerlandthe next two days:

Also a new class in France and Italy

A new layer will also fall on French ski areas in the coming days. However, the snowfall is expected to be heavier next weekend. Then the quantities are much higher than tomorrow and the day after. The same applies to snowfall in Italy. Here too, a small layer will fall over the next two days, and a new, larger layer will fall on Saturday and Sunday. More on that in the next weather report!

Expected amounts of snow in Francethe next two days:

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Expected amounts of snow in Italythe next two days:

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