Time at PSG is disappointing for Messi

Time at PSG is disappointing for Messi

Lionel Messi had a difficult time at Paris Saint-Germain. This was stated by the Argentine star in an interview with the “Bell in Sports” media group. To his surprise, Messi was regularly booed by the fans.

“It was very difficult to adapt to Paris Saint-Germain,” Messi said. “It was a very big disappointment.” He signed with Paris FC because he could no longer stay with FC Barcelona due to financial reasons. At first he thought it would be nice to play in the French capital.

“I came to Paris because I liked the club, and I had friends in the dressing room there, so it seemed easy to adapt there. But it was completely different because of the way I play, my new team-mates and in a new city. It was hard for me and my family.”

Messi returned to Paris after the winter break after winning the world title with Argentina. It is believed that the Paris Saint-Germain World Cup underperformed. The team did win the French title, but was prematurely eliminated from the Champions League. “It’s not an excuse, but it played a role. Some players came back later and others got injured like Neymar. I think the level was affected by the World Cup.”

According to Messi, the crowd was on his side at first. “I was encouraged, but that changed later with part of the crowd. But I was lucky because I won everything and that will stay with me at the end of my career.”

Source: National Ports Agency

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