Tim and Bethany’s journey: ‘Tim owns a stroopwafel stall in America’

Tim and Bethany’s journey: ‘Tim owns a stroopwafel stall in America’

The station at Swolle is visited by a large number of passengers every day. Everyone has their plans, one is on the way to school or work, the other is a long trip or visit. He talks to them in the Zwolle neighborhood: where is Tim & Bethany’s journey going today?

Tim (26) and Bethany (24) are at Swolle Station on Monday 11 December as they are in transit from the US. They live in that country since birth. Brother and sister are visiting friends and Tim’s girlfriend in the Netherlands. “We love people and have fun.”

Moved for father’s work

Tim and Bethany are from Oregon, USA. When their father got a job in technology, the family moved to our country. The family now lives back in America. “About seven years ago, our father got a job in America and we went back.” They excitedly say that they enjoy being back in the Netherlands.

Syrup Waffle Cradle

Tim is a chef in everyday life and has brought the typically Dutch language with him to his home country. Has a stroopwafel stall in America. “Of course I have that recipe from when we lived in the Netherlands. I get stuff from the Netherlands and sell it there. Stroopwafels are really loved by everyone in our house,” Bethany adds.

The Dutch speak English very well

The Dutch language is not really difficult in Jodi, but sometimes it is ‘Well-intentioned’ actions by the Dutch. Tim explains: “Almost all Dutch people speak good English. So if you ask that you speak poor Dutch, they immediately switch to English, which practically gives us no chance to practice the language.

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Back home for Christmas

Tim now travels from Zwolle station to Groningen and Bethany travels to Ermelo. Later in the week they will meet again and travel Home town America. And with good reason: “Tim has to go to the Netherlands for his girlfriend, and I have to get back home soon for mine,” laughs Bethany.

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