“Three employees were sleeping on the floor in the boardroom”

“Three employees were sleeping on the floor in the boardroom”

The drawn scene took place at Vibers SC Club from Uganda. Krul will fly to East Africa in the summer of 2022 in the hope of finding a new club. Through his LinkedIn appeal, he connects with Emmi, a coach from the country, and travels to the capital, Kampala. “Vipers SC needed a keeper. Amy was supposed to take me to watch a practice match at twelve, but I was still there two hours later,” says Krul in ELF Football No 6/7. The theme is Op Reis. A version of that This link Online ordering is also convenient. Within two to three working days at home.

Amy had to go to the garage with her car first, she tells Krul. “After he took me, we arrived at the stadium, we opened the door of the boardroom, and three employees were sleeping on the floor. They got up and asked me what I could do. The exhibition game started with one. Half an hour late. The enemy was not there yet. When everyone arrived “I have noticed that the matches are starting in Africa. The concept of time is explained more in Africa. I feel that Vipers SC did not give me the best opportunities.”

“A day later I was able to train at Express FC. That club doesn’t need money, doesn’t need a keeper, but it’s better than training for me.” That morning, Krul ran into himself. “I suddenly don’t want anymore. It’s such a big step out of my comfort zone. I literally wake up and take a taxi motor and let my phone sleep in the hostel. Everyone is traveling along. If you use the official app, it costs one euro per drive. It’s impossible to get into town by car. .”

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Krul made the statement in his AZ uniform. “Before the practice, we first prayed with the whole team. Then the warm-up started. Well, the warm-up. We walked in a circle. Everyone had to go clear. During the practice I tried to dive. The ground was rocky. It was hard. Once I could do it. “Couldn’t help it,” says Krull, showing a photo of a large hole in a pair of leggings. “Then a goalkeeper conference was scheduled. I was invited as a guest. I asked if I could take a shower after training. It was very refreshing.”

“I was taken to a room that was also used as a toilet. I am used to such situations in Colombia.” The next day, Krul joined Baba TV from Uganda as a guest. He is called by Evan, a former goalkeeper coach. The article explains why he has no teeth. And what topic is being discussed in the talk show. How the exhibition match with Express FC goes the next day. “There were no lines on the main field, the whole field was full of clods, and the sixteen-meter area was surrounded by pillars. It really didn’t work out,” with all its consequences.

In an article in ELF Football No 6/7, Krul talks about his visit to Rwanda. Why the switch from Switzerland to Africa didn’t happen. How he ends up in Gibraltar after first saying ‘no’ to an offer and how he ends up with a bad knee injury there. One of which he is still recovering from. He looks back on his previous special adventures in Colombia, where his teacher even fills in a theoretical motorcycle test for him and Puerto Rico. There he spends a night in jail. The moment he is in Argentina and he accepts an offer from Spagenberg. “That was Wednesday evening. I should be under the bar on Saturday afternoon.”

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The full article with André Krul can be read in the summer edition of ELF Voetbal. Number 6/7 has the theme Op Reis, in which we focus on the pioneers of Dutch football. Interviews with international goalscorer Ricky von Wolfswinkel, goalkeeper Steven van Dijk active in the Faroe Islands, coach Thomas Rongan, former national coach of American Samoa, and in Africa, The Champ, who is now revered in Malawi. David Loki, the Dutch-born English former striker, talks about his life and Alexander Bunnink spent more than three hours in the car every day for two years in a row to train or play football at FC Gütersloh. A travel guide with six Dutch people talking about the city they’re active in and an overview of the Dutch for a continent.

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