This would be the best time to exercise |  health

This would be the best time to exercise | health

One person likes to exercise when most people are lying on one ear, while the other prefers to exercise in the middle of the day to take a break from work.

Let’s say exercise is good for you at any time of the day, but according to a group of researchers, there is a certain time of the day that most effectively leads to a longer life.

If the researchers, affiliated with the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Guangzhou University, among others, are to be believed, you exercise most effectively in the afternoon.

The researchers publish their study in the journal Nature Communications. It can be read, among other things, that they have collected health data from more than 92,000 participants from the UK BioBank, which analyzes the health of nearly 500,000 people from the UK.

Any exercise (from very moderate to vigorous) at any time of the day can increase longevity and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, but the elderly and men in particular will benefit most from exercising in the afternoon. Researchers note that people who exercise (regularly) between 11 am and 5 pm have the lowest risk of heart attack.

Other studies show that exercising in the morning is very beneficial for people who want to burn fat. Exercising during (or even before) sunrise is said to stimulate the metabolism.

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