This Liverpool fan is now the biggest man in the world

This Liverpool fan is now the biggest man in the world

Venezuelan Juan Vicente Pérez Mora died last Tuesday, less than two months before he turned 115 years old. Then it took several days in the record book to find out who was the oldest.

Japan's Gisaburo Sonobe was initially thought to be 112 years old, but it turned out he had died just two days earlier. Then the decision fell to the British.


Tinneswood, who today is 111 years and 223 days old to be exact, lives in a nursing home, but can still achieve a lot of independence, according to Guinness. He still gets out of bed every morning without help and, for example, still arranges all his financial affairs himself. Nursing home staff call him a “huge chatterbox.”

He has been a huge Liverpool FC fan all his life. It is large enough to have witnessed almost every league and FA Cup title in the famous football club's rich history.

He says he has never followed a special diet. However, to this day he has eaten fish and chips on Fridays for almost his entire life. What is the secret of his aging? Do everything in moderation. “If you drink too much, or eat too much, or walk too much; if you do too much of anything, you will eventually suffer.”

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