This is why you should never charge your iPhone overnight

This is why you should never charge your iPhone overnight

Do you always leave your iPhone on the charger overnight, so you can be sure to start your day with a freshly charged phone in the morning? You'd better stop doing that.

It turns out that it can be life-threatening.

Charging your iPhone overnight may cause infection

Tech expert Scott Polderman on TikTok warns that there are significant risks associated with overnight shipping. “Apple has issued a warning about charging your iPhone overnight. This caught my attention because I charge my phone overnight and I think most people do. The concern is really about where the phone is while charging.

“It's important for the phone to be ventilated,” he explains. “If you have a phone attached next to the bed and you fall asleep under the covers or it ends up under your pillow and doesn't get any ventilation, it could cause an injury.”

He also says it's best not to have your phone next to you in bed at night. “You don't want prolonged skin contact with the cable, especially while sleeping. Cheap or faulty chargers can cause problems, but there have been problems even with the chargers that come with the phone.

The fire brigade also warns against charging at night

The fire brigade previously advised against leaving your phone on the charger at night. “More than half of house fires are related to the electrical plug,” said Rudi Boyce of the Dutch Association of Insurers. According to him, fires are mainly caused by poor-quality and not original chargers. Leaving the device on the charger for too long may cause a fire due to overheating. Once the device is charged, you should disconnect it immediately. This prevents the device from “overcharging”, which is “life-threatening” according to the fire brigade. This also applies to tablets or laptops.

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