This is how you remove it again

This is how you remove it again

WhatsApp stores duplicate images on your smartphone for a period of time. Of course you want to get rid of that as quickly as possible.

You may have already noticed: WhatsApp recently had an annoying problem saving photos. This caused the image you saved to your gallery to appear twice. So annoying all those duplicate pictures.

The problem started for many iPhone users after installing iOS 17.4. According to Apple, it was up to Meta to resolve the issue. Fortunately, you no longer have this problem thanks to the new update (version 24.5.75). Strangely enough, Android users did not face any problem at all.

This is how you delete duplicate photos on WhatsApp

You want to remove duplicate photos from your phone as quickly as possible. Because photos and videos take up a large portion of your storage space. Then of course it would be a shame to waste it on the same pictures. You can easily delete photos yourself on WhatsApp.

First go to WhatsApp settings. Select the option Storage and data And press Space management. This is where you can see what WhatsApp has stored on your phone.

WhatsApp is working on a feature that we should have had years ago
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in Space management You will see an overview of the various items. Here you can click on a folder within the section View and delete items. When you click on this folder, you will see a list of all the media you have received and sent on WhatsApp. You can also search for a specific chat so that only those photos appear.

Now it’s a matter of finding the duplicate photos and removing them manually. You can remove a photo from your smartphone by long-pressing it and clicking on the trash icon. It’s easy!

This way you get rid of it permanently

Do you never want to run the risk of duplicate photos again? Then you can choose to prevent WhatsApp from automatically saving images. This way you can choose which photos appear in the gallery. Don’t forget to save them already.

To perform this step, go to WhatsApp settings again. Then press Chats And turn the switch on Media vision Outside.

WhatsApp is working on a feature that we should have had years ago

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